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What Our Customers Are Saying!

Send us your comments and a before and after picture and we’ll send you a $25.00 AMEX gift certificate. Send us a 10 minute video of the before during and after and we’ll send you $100.00 !

It was about this time of year in 2004 that I contacted you about your product. We had suffered substantial hurricane damage in August 2004. Materials and contractors were in very short supply for many months after the storm. I had a flat roof on the back of my home that needed a new hot tar roof but no one was available to do the job and wouldn't be for several months. In the meantime water was pouring through the ceiling of our lanai each time it rained.

I remember our conversation well. You were very courteous and helpful in describing what your product could do for me. You agreed to sell me your commercial product for dealer price due to our special situation. Your guidance in applying the product was most helpful. It was a breeze to put on. I had every intention of sending you before and after photos but things were hectic then.

It is five years later and your product is still doing the job. We have not had to have the roof replaced. I would highly recommend your product to anyone with a problem with a flat roof.

Please accept my belated thank you for your very fine service and product.

Cape Coral, Fl.

Dear staff,

After months of trying to decide between competitor products or a repair or replacement of our roof on our building we decided to go with your butyl rubber system. I am so glad I did! It turned out wonderful! Far better than I would have expected! I am very thankful to your sales staff they were honest and although we did not purchase initially they wanted to be sure we were educated and made the right choice. I can't say enough about the quality! I did use "Eterna-Bond" tape on the many loose seams. I think that was very helpful. I also really made sure I cleaned the roof first with my pressure washer and cleaning. It also did not hurt that we saved about $5k by doing it ourselves!

Fred Mill
Alexandria Virginia

For epdm service department,
First of all sorry we forgot to take a video for you but we did want to write in so you could share this with your other comments from other folks on your website. This will be our 4 project now with the Energyguard and we are very pleased with its performance. We just used the butyl for a project three weeks ago and received a call from our customer stating that this was the first time since the leaks started two years ago that his inside is now dry. Much appreciation to the sales staff as well.

Peter Norr
Advanced Roofing Systems

Lou, I promised I would e-mail you guys what we thought of your product either way. Well I must say you were right about everything it claimed. We were more than pleased with the performance of the product. We were concerned with the cost but after seeing how thick it is and the fact that it required no primers or additional coats the cost actually was cheaper that other systems. We hired some general laborers to do the work and saved $3,500.00 to boot! Great service. We have another job coming up in May and we will definitely be reordering

Marvin L.
Jacksonville, FL

I just wanted to forward to you a copy of an email I recently sent to a customer service representative I spoke with when purchasing your product. I was faced with a $57,000 dollar roof replacement estimate for a new roof. After going back and forth for a month we decided to test a 5,000 area and wait for a few rain storms. The butyl rubber did not leak, and we actually put it on the worst area first. Kellie was very kind with us during that time. There were I am sure many questions our guys were asking and her patience was remarkable. Thanks again.

Harold F
Rocky Hill, NY

I usually don't take the time to email companies about their service, but I definitely felt the need to for your company. You have a great product and your customer service and shipping speed are second to none!.......Kellie......feel free to use my comments on your site....I'll be ordering again soon.

P. Merisotis
Carlisle, PA